A high-angle view showcasing the innovative Cedrus Foil Adapter for the brand of Slingshot Phantasm foils. The Cedrus Foil Adapters precision-machined components promise unparalleled compatibility and performance with various foil brands, allowing riders to transition effortlessly between different setups.
A side-view image of the Cedrus Foil Adapter for the brand of Slingshot Phantasm foils, highlighting its sleek black design and robust construction with dual stainless steel posts for secure mounting. It exemplifies Cedrus' commitment to versatile, universal and seamless foil compatibility and advanced engineering

Slingshot Phantasm Foil Adapter for Evolution Masts

Cedrus adapters are precision-machined from 7000 series aluminum and feature of a combination of M8 and M10 stainless steel and titanium connection hardware. The resulting interface is as stiff or stiffer than any OEM connection, with the added benefit of modularity. This ensures the mast remains forwards and backwards compatible, serviceable, and repairable if needed. Adapters ship with M8 A4-80 high strength stainless hardware, or you can upgrade to 6/4 Titanium PVD coated Torx fasteners.

Benefits of Upgrading to Titanium:

  • Less Friction: PVD coating makes it easier to achieve optimal torque levels.
  • Corrosion Resistant: Great against aluminum contact, and reduced likelihood of anodizing damage.
  • Lighter: Half the weight of steel.
  • More Durable: Stronger and more fatigue-resistant than standard options.
  • Secure: Comes with a thread-locker for added reliability.

Please confirm your mast model before ordering. Evolution adapters are not compatible with Classic masts, and vice versa.
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Adapters ship with mast connection hardware (either stainless steel or Titanium). Adapters DO NOT include fuselage attachment hardware. Please ensure 16-24mm of thread engagement into the adapter with your fuselage connection screws.

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