Precision-engineered Cedrus Foil Tool with multiple extendable Chrome-Vanadium steel bits, featuring a golden anodized aluminum body with the brand's logo, ready to tackle a variety of foiling equipment maintenance tasks
Animated GIF showing the Cedrus Foil-specific multitool in action, as it unfolds to reveal various hardened Chrome-Vanadium steel bits including hex keys and Torx drivers, alongside a knife and bottle opener, demonstrating its versatility and compact design ideal for foiling enthusiasts
The Cedrus Foil Tool neatly secured with a robust black velcro strap against a white surface, highlighting its portable design and the included stainless steel buckle for secure attachment
Cedrus Foil Tool wrapped around a velcro strap showcasing its functionality and ease of access, designed to stay secure on your wrist or equipment during intense foiling sessions

Cedrus Foil Tool

Introducing our innovative Foil-specific multitool, a collaboration with Fix Manufacturing, tailored for all your foiling needs. Machined by the creators of all Cedrus adapters and mounts, this tool boasts hardened Chrome-Vanadium steel bits for superior corrosion resistance, strength, and precision.

Included Tools:

  • 2.5mm hex bit: Ideal for fin keys or e-foil cover plates.
  • 4mm hex: For M6 hardware.
  • 5mm hex: Fits standard A2/A4-70 M8.
  • 6mm hex: For stainless A4-80 M8 adapter hardware.
  • T30 & T40: Cedrus Ti 6/4 Hardware, Axis, and Armstrong.
  • Knife: For opening your latest foiling gear.
  • Bottle opener: For post-session celebrations.

Conveniently attach the tool to your wrist, leg, or equipment with the included 18-inch long, 2-inch wide velcro strap featuring a stainless steel buckle, ensuring it's always within reach. For water activities, strap it to a floaty for easy access on your jet ski or boat. While exceptionally durable, we recommend regular rinsing and lubrication with T-9, WD-40, or gun oil to maintain the tool's finish in marine environments.  

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