A trio of Cedrus Evolution Surf Masts stands in formation, demonstrating the variation in design and the uniform excellence across lengths, ideal for different foiling preferences and conditions.
A foiler carries the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast over their shoulder, with its signature branding visible, against a sunny beach backdrop lined with palm trees, reflecting the mast's seamless integration into the foiling lifestyle
The Cedrus Evolution Surf mast is presented at an angle, emphasizing its streamlined structure and the end's precision-machined adapter interface, showcasing compatibility and advanced functionality for surf foiling.
Rotating giff image of the Cedrus Evolution Surf mast rotating around in a circle.
Vertical view of the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast emphasizes its sleek design, optimized for hydrodynamic performance in surf foiling
The Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast, angled to highlight its aerodynamic profile, offers a unique blend of agility and glide for surf enthusiasts.
 The full vertical span of the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast showcases the engineering excellence that provides a progressive ride at various lengths.
The side view of the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast illustrates the meticulous carbon fiber construction that contributes to its lightweight and ultra stiff nature
Profile view of the Evolution Surf Mast, highlighting the dorsal logo symbolizing the mast's advanced design, crafted for a balance of strength and fluid movement
Studio shot of three Cedrus Evolution Surf Masts side by side, each displaying the hydrodynamically optimized shape that offers riders improved glide, less drag, and increased responsiveness.
Against the ocean horizon, the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast stands proudly on the beach, its design promising a transformative ride with reduced drag and a progressive feel at various ride heights.
The Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast is in the hands of a surfer in a wetsuit gazing out at the sea against a cliff, illustrating the mast's readiness for the waters and the anticipation of an exhilarating foiling experience.
 Positioned upright against a rock-strewn cliff, the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast stands as a testament to the precision engineering that offers riders less drag and more dynamic turns in surf foiling.
An overhead shot of the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast laid out on a rocky tide pool, highlighting the mast's sustainability and its lightweight, hydrodynamic design that minimizes environmental impact.
An overhead shot of the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast laid out on a rocky tide pool, highlighting its design speaking to the seamless experience it offers — from gliding over waves to pumping back to the outside
Partially submerged in clear waters, the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast attached to a board demonstrates its readiness for action and the fluidity it brings to the surfing experience.
The Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast rests against a scenic overlook, suggesting the endless possibilities it offers to riders seeking to push their limits and experience the pinnacle of foiling performance.
A surfer walks on rocks for a session, holding the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast and board against a rugged cliffside, showcasing the equipment's durability and the adventurous spirit it embodies.

Evolution Surf Mast

Evolution Surf features industry-leading glide characteristics coupled with the stiffness and strength that Cedrus is known for. With reduced wetted area in the hydrodynamically critical region of the mast, Evolution Surf offers more efficient pumping and wave connections than OEM foil masts. The shorter chord and increased stiffness also results in faster, more pivot-like turns in the surf. It offers a more progressive feel under varying ride heights than traditional tapered masts, but rewards riders for staying high with a predictable ride. The mast is truly engineered for low to mid speed performance in the 10-20kt range, where ventilation is less common and riders are more sensitive to drag.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for prone foiling with a focus on glide and agility.
  • Reduced chord length for lower drag and sportier turns.
  • Hydrodynamically optimized for superior glide and good ventilation resistance.
  • Unique design for surf enthusiasts seeking responsive control.
  • Hollow architecture for one of the lightest masts on the market.
  • Evolution Adapter Interface: Compatible with all foils using precision machined adapters

The Evolution Surf mast is best suited for riders who prioritize agility and glide in their foiling. The design caters to those seeking a responsive and smooth ride in the waves, emphasizing less drag for linking sets and more dynamic turns. Available in lengths from 65cm to 90cm assembled, Evolution Surf can serve a range of foiling disciplines including kite and wing with larger, slower, surfier foils. If you like to ride powered, with smaller and faster foils especially upwind, check out Evolution Wind for additional ventilation resistance, pointing ability, and stability at higher speeds.

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  • Price includes mast and board mount. Please order your foil adaptor at the same time as making your mast deposit.

Don't take our word for it

I’ve been on several very stiff masts so I can feel if the mast is not stiff enough as I weight 190lbs. The Evolution was definitely stiff and clocked as fast as any other top end mast. You’ve got a solid product with the added bonus of adaptability to any foil.


Shop Owner


I was surprised how much it accelerated when riding it in the narrow section, imo at least as fast as NL v2 and likely faster.  It felt very nimble and very responsive, super fun to surf with. Obviously incredibly stiff. Nothing moved in any direction. The construction is beautiful and the quality of built and engineering is amazing!! This mast will last a life time!




Evolution Cedrus mast is the stiffest and fastest mast I have ridden to date, using for wake, surf, and wing.  Outstanding build quality and design, the adapter fit is tight, and does not introduce any flex into the system.  As foil design advances quickly, it’s a huge benefit to be able to use the same mast with multiple brands of foils vs being stuck with a single system!




Dude, the mast is perfect.




THE mast is very good! So stiff and so direct! THE release from the bottom turn is very very nice!



Rider draws a clean line as he drops into a wave at the moment the board is rising out of the water from the lift of the foil and water can be seen running off of the deck of the board. The rider is confidently balanced on a hydrofoil equipped with the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast. The mast's sleek profile cuts through the water's surface, a testament to Cedrus' commitment to elevating the foiling experience through advanced design and engineering. Rider draws a clean line as he drops into a wave at the moment the board is rising out of the water from the lift of the foil and water can be seen running off of the deck of the board. The rider is confidently balanced on a hydrofoil equipped with the Cedrus Evolution Surf Mast. The mast's sleek profile cuts through the water's surface, a testament to Cedrus' commitment to elevating the foiling experience through advanced design and engineering.

The Cedrus Difference

A whole new mast from the ground up.
Choose the mast that's right for you.


The needs of a lightweight prone foiler differ from those of an aggressive winger. Achieving an optimized solution with a single design is no longer possible, so we engineered two very distinct masts to better suit the diverse range of riders.

Evolution Surf retains stiffness with much less drag and sportier turns due to reduced thickness and wetted area throughout the hydrodynamically critical region of the mast.

Endless Possibiliities


Cedrus masts redefine versatility as the only truly universal foil mast, which means you’re not locked into a single foil brand. This one investment will allow you to stay current and evolve as quickly as the sport changes without buying another mast. 

The new patented adapter interface of Evolution Cedrus combines the industry’s strongest custom M8 screws and tightest manufacturing tolerances with additional M10 hardware to ensure that your foil connection is stiffer and stronger.

More than just stiffness


Cedrus lead the industry movement towards a stiffer mast, and the Evolution masts introduce new patented hydrodynamic concepts that will truly make this the all-around best performing mast. This new design offers a more progressive feel as ride height changes through the water column, so it’s easier to lift off the water and stay there.

The shorter lengths of Evolution Surf are optimized to address drag with reduced thickness and wetted area, ensuring longer glides, fewer pumps, and faster top-end speeds while improving ventilation resistance over the Classic.

Cross-section illustration of a Cedrus mast, highlighting its pioneering features: a lightweight hollow core and edges made from a semi-flexible polymer. This design not only optimizes for performance with less material but also emphasizes safety, with the softer edges posing a minimal threat to both the rider and marine life in the event of a collision, underscoring Cedrus' commitment to responsible and sustainable hydrofoil technology.
Unique to Cedrus Masts


Cedrus is the first and only foil component employing non-structural leading and trailing edges. The semi-flexible polymer reduces weight, improves safety for both the rider and sea life, and is more damage tolerant and easy to repair than carbon composites. With a new manufacturing process that enables lower volume edges and more structural material into a thinner profile, the Evolution mast gains stiffness, strength, and speed on one of the industry’s lightest masts.

High Quality Design


The Evolution mast's performance isn't just about the materials used; it's about smart design. Drawing on years of expertise in fields from aerospace to consumer products, we've crafted a mast that sets new standards in the industry.

Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and tests from our unique rig, we ensure our designs are superior through engineering. The mast uses intermediate modulus fiber, striking the perfect balance between stiffness and strength, while the durable aluminum board mount can withstand impact loads from abuse without scrapping a mast. Both Evolution Wind & Surf models offer unmatched stiffness and strength with less weight and drag, redefining what's possible.

A performance graph for various Cedrus Evolution Masts, showcasing their lift against the drag. The graph represents the advanced engineering behind the Evolution masts, with curves indicating the nuanced balance of lift, drag, and moment for optimized performance. This is a visual representation of Cedrus' commitment to innovative design through rigorous testing and smart engineering, achieving masts that offer unparalleled stiffness and strength with minimized weight and drag.

Manufactured Responsibly

Someone submerged in the ocean where only his hands holding a Cedrus mast are visible above the water. Demonstrating its hollow architecture and lightweight design that doesn’t compromise on strength while also being good for the environment


Using up-cycled materials from Boeing and a hollow design minimizes waste and shipping emissions. Our commitment extends to packaging, using 100% recycled or reused materials despite the higher costs and logistical challenges.

Close detail of a Cedrus mast mounted to a board showing the extreme high quality that is made to last a long time under heavy use


Our masts are built to endure a lifetime of heavy use, with a warranty rate of <1% since launching he Classic in 2017. This durability reflects our sound engineering and design while minimizing the environmental impact of our products.

Showing the application of a logo on Cedrus mast demonstrating that the masts are made locally reducing strain on the environmental impacts of the manufacturing process.


Manufactured outside Seattle, our masts boast enhanced quality control and reduced environmental impact by cutting down on transportation distances.

A small batch of six Cedrus masts in the manufacturing process showcasing that Cedrus masts are custom made in small batches to reduce waste and strain on the environment.


We produce in small batches to refine continuously and avoid overproduction. This approach prevents waste, eliminates excess inventory, and allows each mast to be tailored to individual customer needs.