Precision-engineered Project Cedrus Titanium Fuselage Hardware Kit, featuring three M8x40mm Socket Head Cap Screws with a distinctive PVD coating. This image captures the sleekness of the titanium screws, which are notably lightweight and robust, ensuring a secure, corrosion-resistant, and friction-reduced connection for the foiling enthusiast’s setup
Close-up of the Project Cedrus Stainless Steel Fuselage Hardware Kit, comprising three M8x40mm Socket Head Cap Screws. These essential screws, crafted for strength and durability, are designed for the meticulous assembly of foiling components, highlighting the importance of reliable hardware in high-stress aquatic environments

Fuselage Hardware Kit

The Fuselage Hardware Kit comes with three M8x40mm Socket Head Cap Screw in stainless steel or titanium. 

All hardware associated with Project Cedrus is Metric 8mm with 1.25mm thread pitch (M8x1.25). Damage from impact and/or strain due to fatigue and heavy use can cause bolts to elongate or bend. No matter the brand, all hardware will wear with time, and replacement is recommended whenever bolts loosen unexpectedly. In a pinch, standard A2-70 stainless hardware can be used with Cedrus masts, but we encourage the use of our OEM hardware for additional strength. 

Advantages of PVD Coated Titanium Hardware:

  • Improved Lubricity: The PVD coating enhances lubricity, significantly reducing friction for easier optimal torque achievement.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Offers reduced corrosion risk when in contact with aluminum, vital for maintaining the integrity of the connection.
  • Weight Reduction: Titanium hardware is approximately half the weight of steel, contributing to overall equipment lightness.
  • Enhanced Strength: Features increased strength and fatigue resistance, outperforming A4-80 standard hardware.
  • Added Security: Comes with a thread-locker patch, ensuring reliability for at least three uses and providing extra protection against loosening.
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