Lift Adapter Side View
Takuma M6 adapter bottom view
Unifoil Adapter Side View
Project Cedrus X Foil Drive
Clydesdale Mast Complete
Classic Mast Complete

Classic Fuselage Adapters

Cedrus classic adapters are precision-machined from 6000 series aluminum and ship with M8x40mm A4-80 stainless steel hardware. These legacy adapters are compatible with Cedrus Carbon Classic, Clydesdale, Aluminum masts, and Foil Drive Integrated masts. These adapters do not feature press-fit pins and are not compatible with Evolution masts. Some of these adapters may have longer leadtimes, and custom adapter can take 4-6 weeks to machine.

Due to constantly changing designs and industry interfaces, not all images are shown. Please contact us with any questions regarding compatibility with your Cedrus mast.

Adapters do not include hardware to connect your fuselage. Ensure adequate thread engagement with the adapter when connecting your fuselage. Use only the supplied stainless hardware to connect your adapter to your mast. Do not use titanium hardware which despite higher strength, has lower ductility and can fracture in the event of damage. Evolution adapters feature stainless pins as the primary loadpath, keeping bending the loads out of connection screws. See the owner's info and contact us with any questions regarding the assembly and use of your setup.

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